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Thousands of years of evolution and it all comes down to… this?

It’s astonishing to me that we’ve come to structure our lives to follow the same basic plot.

We have our hopefully happy years as a child who then goes to school for years to learn to be a good human. After graduating from that system, we work at what we can to earn money. Because money is the key to actually getting what we want. Maybe somewhere along the way we find someone to share our wins and losses with. …

Photo by Harry Quan on Unsplash

I see them.
their eyes cut me with pity,
seeing an exposed wound that
needs to be healed, crying:
look what it has done to you
look what has been done to me.

seeing wounds instead of
the scars I’ve been marked with,
now you lay a soothing hand
and try to bandage me,
but I have long sewn shut and
patched up my skin.
these are not colored bruises you see

this is the light I have long
locked away. so look, at my
sinful shine,
know this rainbow is mine,
and that despite the cuts
I shall still bleed pride.


I’m not good, but I try.

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